Community Driven Passive Income

Get onto the $PEDESTAL and secure your future

Pedestal Node Finance is a yield farming community driven protocol on the Avalanche blockchain.

Our simple to use protocol is designed to help you optimize your holdings and create an income stream that will help you achieve your financial freedom goals.

You only need to buy Pedestal tokens, create a node or more, hodl and relax to keep earning daily rewards.

All our members are allowed to enjoy a lifetime income stream, this will enable them live the life of their dreams.

What are the benefits?

How Does $PEDESTAL Node Finance Work?

Create nodes at one click.
Earn daily passive income.

Get onto the $PEDESTAL

Passive Income

With $PEDESTAL Node Finance, you're guaranteed a flowing stream of reward just for hodling our token by creating nodes on our DeFi protocol. As an extra, we're always community first!

Daily Earning

With a minimal downtime in our system, we have strategic experts who are taking advantage of every circumstances in the market to your advantage. This puts you in a longterm position of accumulating daily rewards with $PEDESTAL token.

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